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Hi readers, how is your week so far? I hope it's going fine. Mine is going so well. Today I have a little inspiration post because I don't have the time to do an outfit. I know I don't have a 'theme' in my inspiration posts, but that's because I don't like that. I just want to share what I love now. I love the suits for women. I think of buying me a striped suit pants. I saw one in Zara with the sales, but it was to big ( bummer) but I'm going to keep looking you never know. In all these pictures you'll recognize the comfy-look. I love all the clothes that are so comfortable but still look so fashionable. I love this look above. That's so me. With the sneakers, classic pants and than just a jumper on top. Wich one do you like the most? Let me know!

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