My week in pictures #2


Wanna know what I was up to this week? Keep reading! 

This week I had this huge task for social science I had to do because I was sick the week before. Like my great character I left it till the last moment (not a good idea). But with a lot of struggle I finished it on time wohooo. Now hoping the points will be good as well! But as you can see I love working with some candles to make it all more cosy. 

Since a few weeks my mom got me a blender, I know that's not that exciting. But I always loved the smoothie thing and now I can do it at home. This one was for me the best I made so far. There was mango, blueberry and kiwi in it. I'm not such a huge fan of mango but in a smoothie I like it. So this version I'll make a lot more I think. What smoothies do you like the most? I would love to hear it and maybe try some of them.

This wednesday my mom got a surgery. So my brother and I where going to pick her up at the hospital. Ofcourse there had to be a wheelchair involved. It's so much fun and you don't have to do anything haha. We had to stay a couple more hours at the hospital before she could go home so I stayed in the wheelchair for a few hours and it's pretty comfortable I think. 

And at last. This weekend I went to this carnival party with some friends. I was dressed as a referee. There was some good music and I had a great time. 

How was your week/weekend? Good? I hope so :)

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