Week in pictures #3


Wanna know more about my week? Keep reading!
This week was a good week for me. Even though I had a lot of work to do for school, everything went great! How was your weekend? Tell me. 
 If you check my instagram once in a while you can see I post a lot of quotes. I'm someone who get's a lot out of quotes, because sometimes I can't put down the words I want to describe so this helps. It also helps to stay positive and have a positive thinking. Tumblr is a great thing for this! Do you have a favorite quote or sentence? I would love to hear it.

 Finally i'm into this phone case thing again. For a long time I had this lion skin on the back of my iPhone. But this week I was thinking how all my cases were just laying there in my desk so I got one out, my favorite! It looks like a chanel nail polish bottle. I think it's fun and it's something not everyone has! I'm curious how long this will stay on haha.

Friday my mom picked me up from school and she said she got me a present ( i love presents)! So when I opened the bag I saw this fluffy jacket and I fell in love with it! It's so soft, for real. I'm all into fluffy clothes so my mom got me the perfect present! 

So now, what did you guys do this weekend? I went to Antwerp. City of fashion, with a great friend of mine. We had an amazing time. We did some shopping, went to get something to eat and he took some outfit pictures (they will me online soon). The time flew by. We also stopped at cos. It was my first time going into this store but I already heard a lot of great things about it. And I found these two great jewelry. I really needed a new necklace so we picked out this one, it has something special but it goes so well with anything. I also got me a ring with on the top a little bit of wood in it. I just love it! It was a great day, great new things, great company, great weekend!

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