My little wish list.


 Hi lovelies I'm here again! Today I want to share with you things I would like to have and items I'm saving for. As first I love the baby blue trend but it's not really a color for me and I found this gorgeous skirt from Essentiel. And it's a little bit more green, but the color is just perfect! 
I want some new sneakers, to go dancing and running. I saw these Nikes in a shop Wednesday, I tried them on and they fit great! So I think when I got my first salary I will get them! ( yes another new pair of shoes i know, bad me!)
This Phillip Lim satchel, I'm craving for this bag and I am saving up for this one, but I don't know yet when I'll get him. It's a cute perfect little bag! This would also be my first designer bag, exciting. 
Last but not least this beautiful sunglasses from Acne. I love how the structure and the motive isn't just basic black. And I love the shape of this as well! I always go for brown sunglasses, but this one here could be the sunglass that could break that habit!   
What are your wish items, let me know! 

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  1. Leuk!! Dat rokje is echt leuk!
    Liefs, Annewil