My week in pictures #6


I know it's been a while since I posted another 'week in pictures' but I'm back, with a reason and a lot of stories to tell you, so keep reading! 

My brother and I, both want a new dog. It's been seven months since we lost are amazing dog, it's not that long but I miss an animal in the house, the company when you are sad or when you come home. The playness and the cuteness. Were are bussy trying to convince our parents. And when we can have one we want a French bulldog, in one color. Aren't they to cute? And they are so sweet, what is very important. What do you guys think of these dogs? 

Last week I signed my contract, you know with the store I was going on trial for? Saturday it was my second real work day, now I was happy I got the job. Because before I was hesitating to accept the contract, I don't know why, I think because it's a huge commitment and I'm always scared things aren't going to work out or something. But this weekend I had to work for a whole day, I was so tired. But it went better and I get 30% discount when I buy something from the store, amazing isn't it? For those who want to know, now I'm working in a Fashion Outlet. It gives a little bit of stress, because it's a huge store and I have to memorize it all. But no worries! It will work out! 

After my long work day, my friend and I were going to a party nearby. First we went to get ourselves some food. Did anyone called for pizza? It was delicious. After that we prepared ourselves for the party and we had an amazing night. We had a little problem with the lobby, because my friend here lost her ticket for her jacket so when the party was over we had to wait till everyone was gone, before she could get her jacket. But besides that we had an amazing night with some good people, drinks and music. 

It took me a long time but I finally realized that some people aren't just worth it. I already knew that, but do you know the moment where you care so much for someone that you still want to give them a chance even though you know they will fuck up? Well I'm done with that and I'm proud of myself. Now only attention to those who deserve it!

And how was your week? I want to know everything about it!

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