My week in pictures #7


Wanna know all about my week? Keep on reading you guys!

I think monday it my least favorite day. Not because the weekend ends that day, but just because my courses at school suck on monday. I have every subject I hate that day. So I think that's why I'm not such a monday fan. And also because for over a few weeks now I do party aerobic on Sunday's and my muscles hurts the next day, I'm such a lame person haha. 

I don't know if you read my article about my new running shoes an new life plans? Well I started this week! I want to do almost everyday a bit of sports with Monday as my ' catch my breath' day. So on Tuesdays I go running, Wednesday I have sport at school,  Thursday I have dance for two hours and Sunday I have party aerobic. And I'm going to try to go also running on Saturday but that will depend on my weekend plans.  Not bad he? ;)

Don't they look absolutely delicious? My oatmeal pancakes with some fruits. So easy to make and a great breakfast that fills you up for the day. Does anyone wants the recipe for this? I can put it online if you guys would like that, let me know in a comment down below! 

So last night I went to get a drink with one of my girlfriends. We both had to take a break from life I think and just have fun, get a few drinks and not dealing with life. I had fun, but we were both so tired and I had to get up at 8 o'clock this morning so we didn't make it to late.  

How was your weekend? Great? I hope so! 

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  1. Wat een leuk instagram dagboekje! Die pannekoekjes zien er echt delicious uit, heb je misschien een recept voor me?? ^^

    xxx Saranda
    Sarandipity, Fashion & Lifestyle blog

    1. ik zal in de komende week het is posten op men blog, ik laat het je weten wanneer het erop staat !
      Ik kijk regelmatig op je blog en het bevalt me zeker en vast !