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Hi lovies, how is your weekend going? It's almost another week, but i'm counting the days to finally have some vacation, I really need it. I'm going to show you my new sport shoes from Nike today. What do you think? I loved both shoes and I couldn't choose, so I took them both (bye bye money). I really needed some sport shoes, because when I go dancing or do some party-aerobic, I always take my sneakers, but they aren't made for that and they aren't intact anymore so I went to get me these. They fit perfectly even though the green one is a half size bigger, but I don't feel it so that doesn't matter. 

You could ask yourself, why buy these shoes just for dance, two hours a week? Well, i'm going to do some more sport, I already working on my muscles but I want to go jogging/running now and I think these shoes would also be perfect! What do you think? And any suggestions on my running schedule, or to keep up my motivation? Tell me and I'll make sure to consider it. 

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  1. Gaaf! De groene vind ik net iets leuker :)

    Doe je al mee met mijn giveaway? Je maak kans op schoenen naar keuze van de webshop Intreza. ☺