Outfit | Sunny day


Well hello, how are you doing? I'm doing great and so is the weather!
Today the sun finally showed up and I enjoyed it. I was a bit tired today so I chose for a comfy outfit. Because it was also sunny and not that cold I took my trench coat out after a long time hanging in my closet! I am still in love with this snake printed jeans and I think it goes well with a lot of basic things, for example this white tee. The white tee is actually a mens T-shirt. I was searching for a loose baggy with tee and it was nowhere to be found, so my mom suggested to go look at the mens department and well here it is! How do you like this look? It's almost weekend and Saturday I have my final test to go work in a clothing store, so fingers crossed I do well for a second time and get the job! 
Wish me luck

Haven't you noticed i'm blogging more? I'm hoping to keeping it up like this xoxo 

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