Week in pictures #4


Hi guys, it's sunday so time for a new weekdaily post! Wanna know all about my week? Keep reading.

I'm sometimes amazed how beautiful the sky can look. This pictures was taken in the morning in my bathroom. Even though it's full of beautiful colors, I know that when the sky makes these kinda colors it's not very good. But it's just so pretty and I just love to watch how it goes away in a short time or when it becomes brighter. This kinda view can make my morning.  

As you may have read last week, my mom got me a fluffy jacket! And here it is. At school everyone called me a sheep, but I didn't mind. It's sooooooo warm, I'm not even joking! I'm just simply in love. 

This sunday we went to dinner in the ' Timory ' it's a restaurant in Leuven. I got the taghiatelli witch chicken, pineapple and curry cream, gratinated with cheese. The presentation wasn't so good, but it tasted a lot better than it looks! We went to dinner for my grandmothers birthday. We had a lovely time with the family. My brother and I want a new dog so we are talking into getting one with our parents. Wish us good luck! :) 

Yesterday I went to ' Action' with my mom, it's a store that has about everything. I saw this wool in orange. I wanted a beanie in that color for already a long time. So because my mom can make a beanie I asked her kindly and she said yes! So she began with it when we got home and in the evening it was already finished! I love it! She's making me also another one in the same color but not that baggy! What do you think guys? 

Tomorrow i'm going shopping in two different cities! What are you going to do?
Enjoy your sunday 

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