Week in pictures #5


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 Last monday I went to Liège for a shopping day. We went to primark, but there wasn't a lot of things for me, I still found some nice clothes so I'm happy! After the primark we went into the city. As you already saw on my blog I found these slip ons, I first saw them in Liège but bought them somewhere else. I had a great shopping day with my mom, brother and his girlfriend. It was a little cold so that's why i'm wearing the beanie my mom made me, doesn't it look good? But so long that it's dry, that's okay for me. 

When I'm home alone, or like past week, when I have vacation. I have more time to spend on breakfast or any other meal. I made this oatmeal pancakes with some nuts and apples. It tastes actually pretty good, and it's healthy so that's two in one! It's also very simple to make, I think I made this in 8minutes!
Do you have a favorite healthy breakfast?

This friday, me and two friends of me went out. It was necessary for me, because for me it's a great way to not think of everything and just have fun and be happy. We had a great night. I didn't stay that long because I had to go to work the day after. Which I'm still waiting to know if they are hiring me or not. So i'm stressing a little, but well we'll see right? 

This sunday it was such a sunny day! My friend and I went to the park to take some pictures and to enjoy the sun. There were a lot of people and a lot of kids running around and also crying after falling! Where is my time? I was in a jeans kinda mood as you can see and also in a blue mood! Sunday evening I went to try Party aerobic. You know that? It's aerobic but with party lights. So tiring but so much fun and you burn a lot of calories. It's an 8 lesson kinda thing so 7 more lessons to go. 

What did you do last week? 

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