Black, still my favorite color.


Hi lovies, today's post it a bit different. Why? Because the pictures are taken at two different locations. I know it's weird, but the first shooting wasn't so good so I decided to make a few more at my home. So that's why. Sorry if it's confusing. Hope you still like the outfit anyways! Want to see more pictures? Keep on reading I would say. 

Shoes New Balance Pants Pull&Bear Jacket H&M Shirt Villa Watch Marc Jacobs Handbag Mango 

After working on Saturday I saw a nice shirt in the store, so I bought it and like a promised I would post an outfit with it and here it is. It's shiny fabric, but I think it's still classy and not some cheap fabric. Because this stands out enough for me, I went for totally black with the rest and then my pink new balances to give it a little pop of color. What do you think? A yes or a no? 


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