My 10 favorite sayings.


Hi lovies. Today I'm here with something new! Down here I have 10 sayings/quotes. They helped me in hard times and made me conscious about not giving up, moving forward. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a huge fan of Tumblr and you read a lot of things on there, negative and positive. And everyone sometimes has a hard time or feels sad and then I just read these again or just one and it gives me strength. Maybe that sounds weird or stupid? I don't know really. But for me it helps and I wanted to share that with you. Do you have a favorite quote or saying? Let me know! Have a lovely day

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  1. Quotes zijn altijd zo leuk! Ik ben van plan een aantal quotes uit te printen en ze in te lijsten. Soms zijn quotes namelijk een goede reminder ;).

    Margo |

    1. Ben het helemaal met jou eens! & oh das een leuk idee, zeker doen :)