My week in pictures #10


It's sunday so I'm here with my weekly instagram diary. How was your week? Mine was great, busy week I would definitely say! But I'm a bit sad. Vacation is almost over. But in less than a month I'm going to Paris for three days with school so I'm looking forward to that! Enjoy this blogpost guys!

You will obviously already know I went to Aachen last Tuesday. Together with my mom, brother and his girlfriend. I had a wonderful day with a lot of shopping as you have read in my previous blogposts. And doesn't this bunny looks so delicious? I wanted to eat it right away, but I didn't yes! In Germany when you go there when ever its christmas or easter or anything. They do a lot around it and make every shop window pretty with some decorations. Or like this backery did. It makes the trip so much more fun and lovely. I would definitely recommend to go there once! 

Also last Thursday I went to Brussels with my mom. We wanted to go somewhere else but because I don't have my id-cart yet I can't really leave the country so we decided to go to Brussels. The jacket, sweater and shoes I was wearing were all new from Germany and I really liked this outfit. I felt like a stylish woman for once hihi. We did some shopping because I wanted to find a boyfriend coat, still haven't found one.. And after that I bought my mom and me a drink from Exki. Delicious. And later that night I had a little date, seeing him again soon. Looking forward to it!

What can be more refreshing then water with some lemon and mint? Nothing right? I love to drink water like this because it has a great taste if you let it set for a little time and it gives also a little detox effect. Double enjoyment for me! You can also do it with are fruits, but I like it this way. Which way do you like to drink it? 


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