My week in pictures #11


Interested in a little life of Felia? Check out right now what I've done this week! 

Last weekend it was Easter. So we went out for some dinner and now I'm older we don't really celebrate it with easter eggs that we have to find etc. We just get them the week before when we go to school for example. I don't mind that. 

I just don't get enough of this smoothie. I know I've posted it already a couple of times but hey. Don't you want to drink it when you see of picture like this? It's so easy to make and so refreshing. What more can you ask for? So you won't hear complaining. My dad found it a weird color when he came home. He didn't knew it was a smoothie. But we smelled it and tasted it, he immediately liked it, yes! 

I already said one time I'm someone who loves quotes and things like that. And sometimes it helps me to explain this I can't put down in words. So... yeah, had a lot on my mind this week but it's all sorted out. Everything will be okay!

This Saturday I had to work, it was such a long day. But I survived! After that I had a quick change and went to my grand-partens. Where there was a little thing to do for my dad's birthday together with four others. We had dinner and because there is a sort of riding-school. I went to the horses with my parents. And this beauty you see on the picture is my dad's horse. One of two at least. Her name is Wakyrie and she's such a nice horse and so beautiful. But at the end of the night I was so tired.   

Yes I shop on a sunday, my bad. I found this lovely short with sequin on the front. Isn't it lovely? Just a little time away with my mom. Now I'm heading to Partyrobic to do some sport, I hope my knee will be alright and hopefully I don't make it worse. Because for many years now my knee hurts a lot from time to time. When I do to much or when I hurt my knee. What one bad fall can still do after many years, but I'm happy it's not all the time that it hurts.

Have a lovely week!

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