My week in pictures #8


Want to know everything about my busy week? Keep on reading I would say!

 So you guys, I'm keeping up with the running thing. I go every week and look at this. With the sun that is going down, running couldn't go better! And i'm getting faster so that's good, right? I use the app 'running' it's an app from Nike, I would definitely recommend this one. It's with a GPS, gives you motivation speeches when you are slowing down or when you stop. It truly helps a lot, at least it helps me.   

If you follow me on instagram you will probably already know and if not, go follow me! This weekend I had this danceshow. It wasn't really a big show but more to show the different groups and to make some new members. Saturday we had repetition and the Sunday we had the show. It went better than I thought it would so i'm kinda proud of myself. Underneath I put up a pictures of our group dancing. It's a good pictures but it was fun, so that's what counts! 

Oh and Friday it was the last day of school and for that we had ' Gito got talent' on our school. Together with some girls we did our dance we learned at our sports class. It was a lot of stress that week, because one time the half of the people weren't there of our group or when we wanted to try it on stage, we saw our group was to big. At the last moment we had to change all the places! But our teachers and friends told us it went great, so I was happy and so was everyone. A good ending before vacation started.  
 When I saw this mini pineapple, I thought it was so cute! I immediately thought about how perfect that one would be just to make one smoothie out of. So this Sunday before my show I made a smoothie, as you can see above. It's a smoothie of mango and pineapple with some fresh mint from the garden to give it a little freshness. This is one of my favorite kind off smoothies, so refreshing. 

How was your week? I hope it went well!  

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