My week in pictures #9


It's sunday, so time for another ' my week in pictures' 
You want to know more about my week? Keep on reading sweeties.

How amazing does this smoothie looks? Now that I have vacation, I the time to make this in the morning and enjoy this lovely fruit smoothie. I think from all the ones I made, this has become my favorite. Not just by the amazing taste, but also the color. Admit it, you would instantly drink it? Wouldn't you? ;) Maybe I'll put a recipe online? It's up to you guys!  

So I don't know if you knew this from me. But I'm a person who's hair just doesn't grow. Bummer. So long hair, I gave up for that a long time ago. And now that I get older, I don't mind. Because I actually like all these short haircuts. The only thing is. I can't go the length I want ( like the picture). I have a square/round face so that wouldn't come out that great. Not that fair I think. But maybe in the future. Who knows, and the only thing I know is.... One day it will be this short. 

Now that I have vacation I have plenty of time to make some delicious things. Like these ones. Chocolate macaroons. I tried to made them a couple of months ago and they burned.. lol. So now I thought it would be a great time to try them again and here they are. The were delicious if I say so myself! I little treat now and then can't hurt, right? I don't know what I'll make next week. Any suggestions? Let me know. 

 YES YES YES, I'm still running ☺️. To be completely honest, I didn't thought of myself I would keep up the running. Because i'm not good at completing things I started. But now that it's vacation I have no excuses not to go. So I go running 3/4 times a week. Always 20minutes and I do 2.9KM. Maybe it's not that much, but remember I just began. But I'm proud of myself for doing this. 

What to do on a boring day? Taking selfies haha. I had to work this weekend. And I felt in my legs I didn't had to go for two weeks. Because in the end of the day, my legs were killing me. Standing up straight all day, not that easy sometimes! But after my work-shift I saw in the ' Best deal ' corner a shirt that was calling my name. So I took it with me (yes, I'm a shop addict, I admit). I'll show the shirt in my next outfit that will normally be online tomorrow.  


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