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Girls like to shop. And I'm definitely one of them! 
Yesterday you saw my two favorite boutiques in Aachen and today I'm going to show you what I bought! So keep on reading and I hope this will also give you an idea of what the boutiques sell etc!

I stopped at Zara, I know we have it in Belgium to but two weeks ago when I went to Zara I saw these black sneakers. I loved them but they didn't have them in my size anymore. So I thought when I go to Aachen I'll stop by and maybe they will have them there, and yes they did! When I entered the shop they were right in front of me. So I tried them (they feel like you aren't even wearing shoes!) and I bought them. I'm so happy. I'll probably take these with me when I got to Paris with school. Great for walking around

 Here you have a closer look to the shoes

Second I went to Virgin. Now you know which shop I'm talking about right? I bought a necklace, a skirt and a tee. I really wanted a new statement necklace that would go with everything and I found one! Also I wanted a skirt with stripes and luckely they had one and the tee I saw it last time but found it a little expensive just for a t-shirt. But when yesterday I saw it again I saw it was on sale so I didn't hesitate anymore! 

Last but not least I also went to Uniq. I was a bit sad that I didn't really found things I liked. Or when I did they were either to big or they didn't look good on me. Bummer! For me this is my favorite shop, I don't know why. But the people really want to help you even when you don't speak German. But after all I found two pieces I love so here you go!

And here you have everything together. I don't know why, but I think that everything goes well together! I love how these clothes look. Outfitpictures will follow for sure! What do you think of my new clothes? Would you like to go to Aachen someday to go shopping? Let me know! 


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