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If you have read my last post, you would know that yesterday I went to Aken, Germany. I promised you guys that I would write about my two favorite boutique there. After reading this you will understand my love for these shops. Oh and tomorrow there will be a shoplog online of what I bought in these shops and in the Zara. I hope you enjoy and that maybe when you go to Aken, you will visit these stores. 


I discovered this shop I think two years ago. Just by passing it and I thought 'well this looks kinda nice'. I stepped in and fell in love and my mom always refers it as ' felias shop' so that kinda explains my addiction to this shop haha. I was looking for a facebook page or a website but they don't have that. But it is placed in the low-Aken. My brother took some pictures so you could have an idea of how it looks like and what they sell! 

 The interior is modern, but as you can see all the attention goes straight away to to clothes as it should! These clothes are exclusive. Everything hangs in the shop so if your size isn't hanging in the store it will probably not be in the stock. You have for every piece I think two, maximum three different sizes. This makes that there is a big offer of clothes, but it also makes that you will sometimes have to skip a piece because they don't have your size anymore. They have clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags.
The prices, the important thing right? Well as you expected it isn't a cheap shop. The jewelry is expensive for me. Necklaces can go up to €70. The handbags, well it depends the size but for example the handbag on the counter beside the jewelry costs €150 I think. The clothes are okay for prize. From €15 up to €150. You always have a little corner as a sales corner. So you can find things for €15, I find this interesting! 

And where is this lovely shop?
Peterstrabe 10
52062 Aachen


This shop I discovered at my last visit, six months ago I think. And the funny thing about it is that the shop is based just in front of where we park. I guess I always passed it. But to be honest, I'm glad I finally discovered it! My brother took here some pictures as well. There are two floors. First floor are with the clothes, bags, jewelry, shoes and the second floor is with evening wear. Their dresses.. I would kill for a dress of them. On the other hand the shop is really small I think. But they made sure you can see all the clothes really good, so that makes it okay!

Doesn't this looks inviting and so lovely? Oh I already want to go back haha! The prizes here are more expensive. Handbags can cost €250. They cell for example fake céline bags and fake balenciaga bags. Jewelry is here less expensive then Uniq. Necklaces are here €40, that's a more reasonable price. Price for clothes can go up to €200, but the quality is great and that is important for me! The evening dresses I didn't really look at the prices, but i think they are between €100 and €250. I'm not sure!!

And where is this lovely shop?
Büchel 48
52062 Aachen

A little detail: If you go to the Netherlands, Maastricht. They have a Virgin shop also! I just discovered that yesterday! In there mall called 'entre deux' on the first floor. In two weeks I'm going to Maastricht, so I will probably pop in that store as well and I will let you know which one I prefer. 

I really hope You liked this post, even though it a long one and that you are happy you now know these shops. Let me know! 


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