Citytrip Paris


I'm back you guys! My three days of Paris were great! I had the time of my life.  Do you want to know everything about my trip? And see some pictures? Make sure to check  this post out! You won't regret it I'm sure!

The weather was sooooooo good. Unfortunately my face is a little burned, but that will go over soon! When we were in Paris we visited a lot of monuments. Because the weather was so great it was nice to go visit everything and walk a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Yesterday I still felt it in my legs and I was so tired. But when you want to see Paris in three days you don't really have a choice. My friends and I had a lovely time, laughed a lot and took a lot of pictures to make this memory last! I always wanted to go to Paris but I guess you can't really go alone, right? So I was happy that I went this week! I have a lot of pictures but I'll show you the best once I got! And if you consider going to Paris, do it! Don't hesitate! 

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