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The dungarees, we see them everywhere. Long or short. Something everyone will have in there wardrobe, but not me. Haven't found the right one for me yet. Want to see what other things I love right now? Keep reading and get inspired!

I've always been a huge fan of loose clothes and these long dresses keep on showing up. Maybe I should get one to? I think it's the perfect combination to be comfortable and at the same time staying stylish like we all want. 

The mid skirt. Such a lovely trend right now. Not sure if it would be something for me but eather way I think it makes an outfit so classy and you don't really need to add a lot of accessories for example. 

 The sporty chic. However I love walking around in skirts or dresses I always make it more sporty, by wearing some sneakers or a leather jacket. Don't know why but I think it's lovely and so comfortable. No pain after walking a whole day, heaven! But maybe switching from time to time to a more elegant look can't hurt, right? ;)

These edgy looks are stunning. Wouldn't dare to wear them myself, but love seeing it on others! It makes everything so much more special and not as boring. Perfect combinations is required with this because you can easy go from stylish edgy to a person that looks like a mess. So don't over do it, or do it right!

 FUN FUN FUN!! It's all about fun when you are dressing up for something. Don't take fashion to serious and have fun with putting your outfit together. Add some funny things to your outfit for instant cuteness or just as a crazy touch. Makes everything better and it won't be boring at all! 

Romantic, yes. When I see people wearing these romantic, cute clothes I fall in love. It's so sweet to see. Draws attention on the right way, you just want go wrong with this I think. No massive need to add a lot of accessories. Sometimes less is more. 

Last but not least. Pink coats. You probably seen them already this winter in big massive coats. But now for summer when it get's a bit chilly out side, perfect. I'm still looking for my perfect pink boyfriend coat, but can't seem to find it. How can something like this be so hard to find, right? Plane pink or with a lovely print. Sounds good to my ears. 

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  1. Mooi inspiratie! Er staan echt een paar leuke outfits bij <3

  2. Dat verenrokje en dat roos jurkje vind ik echt prachtig wauw!
    Supermooie inspiratiepost xx