My week in pictures #12


Curious what I did this week?  Thank god I'm here with my weekly instagram diary! Find out more and if you don't follow me on instagram yet, just click (here)

As I once told you guys,  every Sunday I have Partyrobic. But lately my knee is killing me. As you can see in the picture I'm wearing this band. This helps to hold my knee and to support it during sport. Now after a week doing almost nothing of sport it get's better and tonight I have Partyrobic again, so I'm curious what it will give, I'm taking the band with me but I'll see if I need it or not. After years of having this back and forth, I honestly got enough of it. 

Doesn't this give you just want to bite in this? Sometimes when my mom and I are watching tv I make some popcorn. And then my mom is always ' this is my last one' and 2minutes later she takes some again. You can't just stop eating this until is't all eaten, right? Like in the movies. 

Last Thursday I went to the movies with my lovely boyfriend and when the movies was over and we were walking to the car I said to his wouldn't this be a typical instagram picture, and isn't it one? The Atomium in Brussels. I don't come there as often so seeing it at night is really beautiful! And he liked it as well! We went to see the movie ' Need for speed ' I think it's a great movie, I definitely enjoyed it even when I'm normally not such a big car-fan. 

Last but not least the next day I went to Maastricht in Holland with my mom and brother. I told you already what I bought and how the day went. But doesn't this food looks delicious? We go there every time when we go to visit Maastricht. It's at Lunch&zo. It's not to expensive and the food is amazing, the presentation is also beautiful, it gives you a feeling to just begin eating it. 


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