My week in pictures #13


How lovies, I'm here with another instagram weekly. Want to know more, based on these pictures? Keep on reading!

How delicious does this look right? I'm getting into this healthy food thing. Of course my smoothie is my weekly thing but these pancakes were just amazing, with some fruit, delicious. 

My dear boyfriend cooked for me this week. Isn't he a sweetheart? I find it so cute because he normally doesn't cook so I'm really lucky he wanted to cook for me. We had a lovely evening and made me forget the stress I had. Time flies with him. 

Friday I had this sports day with school. We did some spinning, cross training, fitness and also some badminton. Everything went great and I had an amazing day with my friends. But with the badminton I got a racket right on my forehead. It hurt like hell and now, even four days after it still hurts. I was like crying because of the shock. But not it's just a sensitive spot and the headache is gone. Thank you for that. But I could even laugh about it so no big deal!

What did you do on mothers day? We went for a little lunch. My brother and I got my mom a new cellphone. Hers didn't worked that well anymore and after a few hints we got her one. I explained everything and I think she is really happy with it! What did you get your mom? 

I'm so excited you guys! Wednesday I'm leaving for a three-days trip to Paris. It's our little school trip of the year. Everyone of my friends are so excited. We are going to make the time of it. And of course I'm going to take a lot of pictures there. So I need my canon with me and for some lovely memory pictures I'm taking my polaroid camera with me. So this will probably be my last post until Friday or Saturday. I'm reading for three days of fun. 

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