My week in pictures #14


Hi there, it's sunday so we knew what's coming right? My weekly Instagram diary. Curious? Take a look! 

You guys already know I'm a quote person. And lately people and my friends ask me why I blog because they don't see how it could matter. But everyone has different interests right? Because if everyone would do the same that would be boring. I started blogging for a lot of reasons, some reasons nobody knows and they don't have to know. But I take my time with this blog and some day I will get where I want to go with this blog, no matter what people say.  

This last week we had such amazing weather here in Belgium. It was time to take out the dresses and skirts for a walk. Oh and yes I'm still addicted to this water with lemon and mint in it. Especially now because of the warm weather from last week, the water is so refreshing! 
 This is a picture from when I was in Paris with school. This girl came into my class in January and she's just an amazing person. I can talk to her whenever I want and she'll always be honest to me. I'm normally a person who hangs out with boys more because it's less drama, but I like having her around, a friend I missed for a long time I would dare to say. :) 

 Doesn't this beauty looks gorgeous? It's one of the horses my dad has. He's a bit of a rebel but very sweet and he needs a lot of attention, as you can see. How he's enjoying that moment. So sweet. 
Tomorrow I have this huge task to deliver in school and I'm still stuck, it won't progress. So depressing because my whole Sunday is now dedicated to this History homework. But it count's for my exams, so I really don't have a choice! 

Have a nice Sunday and I hope you all had a great week! 

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