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Today I went to Maastricht in the Netherlands with my mom and brother. It's such a lovely city. Friendly people and of course, lovely shops! Want to see what I got and what's inside of these three bags? Keep reading! 

I was looking for some high wasted shorts. You would think they would be easy to find. But I'm not into that torn kinda shorts. And almost all shorts are with holes in it. So when I entered Pieces I saw these two and they fit perfectly. When you bought two shorts it came with a special price, even better right? I bought a white loose top with it. Because otherwise I would wear my black clothes all summer ;).  Oh and what a lovely surprise, they said I could choose a jewelry worth 30€ out of there special collection. I will show you what I chose later! 

Secondly I went to Costes, first time I went to this shop. The people that work there are very friendly! I was looking for a coat but then my mom spotted this tee with all these names of designers. I thought it was fun to wear just with a pear of skinny jeans. I bought it really oversized so I can tuck it in my jeans. And I'm totally addicted to loose clothes so! 

Last but definitely not least, Virgin. I talked about this shop in my article here . But it was my first time with this shop in Maastricht. And I can tell you there are so kind and the shop is bigger and a lot more clothes! I saw these sandals in Aachen already but didn't bought them. But when I saw them again today I tried them on in silver and gold and the silver once were perfect! I also wanted a looser fit blouse with short sleeves and the necklace came with the blouse, that came in handy! 

So what do you find of these items? I love them! 


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  1. Hele leuke aankopen. Vind dat shirt van Costes echt geweldig! xx