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Well today I wanted to go change something for my phone, cause I have a new one! So I went to the city with my mom. Wasn't planed to shop but I found some things. As you all know from previous posts I was looking for a mid long coat for spring/summer in some nice colors. When walking I spotted this new store and asked if we could go in and take a look. Always nice to see new stores and there it was. Four coats all waiting to be tried on. I made a little smile to my mom and tried two of them. And here I found this one. I love the colors and the fit. Also a girl wanted the same but of every coat there was only one, bummer for her, yay for me! I think this might popup in an outfit soon! 

When I go out I always love having a nice bag with me and I found this lovely clutch at H&M for only €9.95, I couldn't resist! Will also match my dress for prom at my school, I have to take pictures there. Also at H&M this lovely thing to put my sunglasses in. In some bright pink and it's an hard case so my glasses won't get scratched. 

I was looking for some heeled sandals. But everyone has these all white or all black. That's pretty but I like something different and then I saw these babies today. Tried them on and they fit like heaven! Yes my feminine side is coming forward. You'll see them on my blog very soon! 

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