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Today I'm here with something different. I was invited together with about 20 other people to have a little time together with fashionista Sofie Valkiers. I brought my friend and also blogger Sinem from itsjustadetail with me! Sofie Valkiers is a known fashion blogger from Belgium. Because I'm not that long into blogging this was my very first meeting with someone like this. So you can imagine I was a bit nervous. 

When we arrived we got a glass of champagne at after that we headed to the table were we could ask the questions we had. She's a very kind person and also down to earth. Like always she looked amazing. I spotted her Givenchy bag, so jealous! 

Most of the things she told us people already knew, the standard. But there were a few tips she gave us that I want to share with you guys! 

When you begin a blog you have to make sure that: 
- Make a clean lay out ( you should find everything quite easy)
- ABOUT page is necessary + email!
- Great pictures, quality wise but also beautiful pictures
- Update at least 4 days a week, minimum 

To become more known: 
- Make a little package of you blog, put it in an email and send it out to the world!
- Don't be mad when you don't get invited, you'll have your chance
- Make sure to know which way you want to go with your blog
- Stay true to who you are
- Work hard
- Contact people or go out in the world. Staying inside won't help

She also told us that as a beginner we have a downer after 3months, and I can tell you I had that too. When talking to her privately she told to never give up and try your hardest. Also ignore the negativity, it won't bring anything good with it. 

But the most important thing she told us, if you love it keep doing it. Passion can take you far. Don't do it for the extra's you can get cause if you think that way, you won't get anywhere. 

It took place at this lovely POP-UP Levis Ambiance House! 

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