See you in thee days| Paris


Hi there lovely readers! If you read my last article or follow me on Instagram, you'll probably already know. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for three days. Like the title says I'm going to Paris. Yes, the city of love. This year with our school we are going to Paris and to be honest. I'm looking forward to it so much. I've never been to Paris and I want see everything there is to see. My friends and I are going to have a great time, I don't doubt it. There was a little problem at our school because there were to many students for the places there were. So 20 girls, including me and my friends are at a different hotel then all the others of our year. They go by bus and are going to do everything by bus in Paris as well. We on the other hand are going with the Thalys, we are doing everything with the subway. We will be the real tourists, right? Well see you in three days and be ready for a lot of pictures and some stories!  

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