My week in pictures #16


it's time for our weekly instagram diary. Want to know more about this week? Keep on reading you guys!

 I'm so into this quote, it's all true. Like what does it mean if you just say sorry but don't change? Don't say sorry at all then. But we don't have to be bothered by people like this right? It just stays a good quote I think!

Yes, after two months of not running I went for a run again! So proud of myself that I had the courage to start again, because I'm always like ' should I go for a run again?' But then something nice is on tv or something like that and you skip the running part. But this week I thought now is the time and before I knew it I was running again and it felt good. So I think I'll do this while I have my exams to relax!

My mom wasn't into cooking so we made these easy wraps with salmon. They were delicious if I say so myself! I love things that are easy to make but yet so delicious! This could be an exam meal to give me some new energy, because I'll need it for sure!

Since I have my new Iphone I don't have much case so when I was in Brussels Sunday I saw this transparent case for only €1, so cheap! My mom got me it and when I got home I had some inspiration to make a lot of Iphone cases with it. This is the result. What do you think? And easy DIY for Iphone cases just like you want it!

Yesterday it was time for some quality time with my friend. We went for some ice-cream and talked a bit, because exams are coming up so the free time I have I want to use it wisely. We had a great evening together on a hot summer night. 

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