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Watch - Handbag Phillip Lim - Jacket Zara - Sneakers Nike - Bracelet

Hi there dear readers, I'm here with a little wish list. This because I found a lot of things I really like and I wanted to show it to you. First I'm not a big fan of fake things but sometimes brands aren't affordable so you try and find something that looks like it, right? Therefor this gorgeous bracelet. I love the silver and it's so simple but the texture gives it a little extra. 

The sneakers from nike, I've been looking for a long time now for some nike sneakers and now I found the perfect ones  But problem... They never have them in my size or I can't find them online anywhere, help? Someone? 
The golden watch is perfect in my eyes. Clean and simple. How I like my watches. It's also a big watch, perfect for me and my obsession with big watches. 

The jacket from Zara, great isn't it? A good friend of mine has it in yellow and when I saw it on her it looked amazing and I wanted the jacket to, not in yellow because I don't have the skin for that, but this color, would be perfect to add in my closet. Anyone that want's to give it as a gift? Always welcome!

Last but deffinitly not least, my dream bag. As you all know I've been looking around for my first designer bag and time after time I end up with this handbag. I guess it would be the right one for me? I want my first designer bag to be simple in structure and also in a color that matches with everything, black? Perfect option! Maybe I should save some money, finally?

Do you have anything on on your wish list? Let me know? Oh and I'll put some extra detail picture underneath. Enjoy your day everyone xoxo

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