My week in pictures #15


I had a busy week, and yes I met Sofie Valkiers, you see it well! Want to know more about my week? Well then this article is perfect for you! Enjoy!

Am I the only one that loves this bag? I guess I'm not! Now that I have this blog for 5 months now (  and I'm not over the 10.000 views thankyouuuuuuu to you! ) I see a lot of bloggers with this bag and everytime I see it passing I fall more and more in love. But yes, to expensive unfortunately. Maybe one day, who knows right? 

Doesn't this look delicious? Oatmeal pancakes filled with raspberries together with some fruit. I put some frozen raspberries in my oatmeal mixture because when you bake it the raspberries will melt by the heat. That was a very good breakfast. A great start for a workday! At work there wasn't a lot of people so the day went slow, but I had a fun day with my colleagues. 

Well I wouldn't mind adding this to my shoe collection. Even when you can't find it anymore. It would still be pretty awesome. I'm going on eBay a lot so maybe I'll find it one day in my size! I wouldn't hesitate. 

This friday I met Sofie Valkiers, known Belgium fashion blogger, you can read the post about it hereShe's a very kind person and nothing is to much for her. Soon there will be another article about the meeting online, I'll share it with you guys when it's online, promise! 

More about my new summer stuff in the article here and the outfit you can find here.

Yes I finally have my new phone! I'm very pleased with it. I got the silver one because I wanted it my still seen as one part, don't know if you get it. If you take white/gold it's not as one. So that's why and now I can take better pictures for my instagram and also sometimes for my blog. So yey for you guys to!


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