My week in pictures #17


Hi there, It's sunday again so time for a new weekly instagram diary. Want to know more about my (study) week? And how I survive it? Keep reading! :) 

In only one week summer vacation is there again. I wanted so long for that moment. Even though I'm still in exams this week I can't stop dreaming away for my holiday. Last year we visited Stresa in Italy for a day because it was close to where we were in Switzerland. I took this picture back then and I can't wait to go back to this place this year. It's so beautiful there, oh go I need vacation!!

Friday after my exam I thought I needed some relaxing time. I was looking for my perfect boyfriend jeans for a long time now but didn't really found one because I'm not into that ripped jeans trend. So that made it kinda difficult for me but when I went in to the H&m friday I saw this jeans in sale! With a little bit of ripping but not to much! More about the sneakers in my previous outfit! ;)

My exams period. What's important? Yes good food! Staying healthy during the exams is rather difficult. You tend to eat a lot of candy ( not me because I don't eat that) , chocolate, soda. Just everything that's not good for you. So i'm trying to make an in between. I make a smoothie from time to time, drink a lot of water but I treat myself also with something not that healthy, otherwise I can't keep that up. But sometimes the concentration isn't that well so I tend to go outside for a bit, because staying inside doesn't make me relax. Ugh, I can't wait till it's over! 


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