My week in pictures #18


I'm back with a look at my instagram. Want to know how I survived my last week of exams and how I celebrated that the vacation is there? Keep reading. If you don't follow me on instagram : @feliagoovaerts_

Every girl has always something on her mind she would like to add to her wardrobe. When your answer is no on this question you are lying! These necklaces from they have amazing pieces, anyone wants to buy me this for my birthday perhaps? And the Marc Jacobs watch, well what can I say. I'm addicted to watches and I just love this one.

 Sometimes when I have to study for something that I don't get and I get nervous. I always go running to clear my mind and to forget about that thing.  I find that it really works. But don't run to hard because after you still have to learn! haha. And also comfy outfits are a must! Boyfriend jeans is a great example of this.

YESS!!! I finally got the book. I'm not going to read it yet because I want to save it up for my holiday. But I can't wait! Also I want to go see the movie. Did you read/watched it? What do you think about it?

Friday was my last exam. How happy do you think I am that it's vacation time? Well very very happy! In the afternoon I saw my lovely boyfriend who I missed because of the exams. Later that night a friend of mine threw a party at her house for her birthday and also to celebrate that the exams were over. It's was a wicked night and I had so much fun. Unfortunately I had to work today, so the day after. I was so tired, so now I'm going to watch some TV and enjoy my relax evening! 

Have a good week(end) everyone! 

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