My week in pictures #19


My first kinda week of vacation, celebrated it with some parties, seeing my boyfriend, quality time with my friends and so on. I must say I had a great week with not stress (only when I had to go to my school to see if I had pasted my year) but besides that, just a fun week. Want to know more?


Don't we all have this urge to go on holiday or am I the only one out here? I don't think so! Still a few weeks to go before I leave for two weeks to Switzerland, but it's coming closer and closer. I can't wait to get out of this country for a while and leave everything behind and enjoy the sun without any worries! We are also going to Stresa, Italy for one day to celebrate my 19th birthday there, it's so beautiful over there, oh please can I just go there right now? Where are you going to?  

Monday my friend and I went to a party to celebrate the beginning of the vacation and that the exams where over! Finally. I was happy that I saw here because it was a while the last time I saw her. You can see my boyfriend looking in back of the picture, still find that kinda funny, don't know why.
Thursday evening it was our schools prom. I went to take pictures, next year it will be my turn to have a prom and I can't wait! I went with a good friend of mine and we had a good night with everyone, later that evening my boyfriend showed up ( thanks for that again), I was happy to see him and I had a lovely night with him. And yes I passed my year, on to the last and after that I can go study something I really like! 

How was your week? Did you holiday already start? 

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