What I'd like to wear today.


Shoes Mango - Top Monki - Skirt zimmermannwear.com
Sunglasses shadesdaddy.com

Hi there lovelies, I'm back. I had a busy two kinda days so that's why I wasn't active. But now here!
Today it's kinda warm but a lot of wind. A long skirt is perfect for this weather, and lately I'm all into feminine outfits. So these perfect silver heels are the perfect match for this skirt. Together with a white crop top to make sure you see the skirt nicely. And of course for the sun some cat-eye sunglasses. I would totally go for this outfit, what about you? 
Oh and tomorrow night I have to take pictures at our schools prom. My outfit of that night will also follow on my blog. If you guys are interested!


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