Wishlist | 19th birthday!


Iphone cases Miniinthebox - Necklace fashionology.nl - Sneakers Nike - Earrings Dior

25 july it's my birthday, I'll become 19 years old. Like always I'll celebrate my birthday on vacation in Switzerland. But normally we'll go to Stresa, Italy for a day! Like you all have read here , I'm saving up for this gorgeous Phillip Lim bag. So I think I'll get mainly money for this, that's why my wish list isn't that long and also I'm terrible in saying what I would like. I have never an idea of what I want, but.... If I get something I don't really like, that I will know haha! These sneakers from Nike I've been craving for a while know but can't find them, still love the color and the shape of the shoe! Other wise I love these earrings of Dior. I love pearl earrings so this is something different, a nice look a like would be nice! Third one is this beautiful necklace with 'F' that stands for my name of course  I want a necklace like this for a long time now and I think I found the perfect one on this amazing site! They have such amazing things! Last but not least these two cases for my Iphone. The one with the pineapples is so cute! The other one has an amazing design I think!
Oh I can't wait till I turn 19!!!


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