My week in pictures #21


Well hi there readers. Today it's sunday and that means a new 'weekinpictures' from me! Sunday is relaxing time, first day that I have nothing to do and even that is not totally true! Want to know what I did on this busy week? 

 ( Pic by fashion-attacks ) 

I know I already have quite short hair, but when I see pictures like this I want to go shorter. But I'm just scared that it wouldn't suit me. But maybe I should just go for it and see? Help me? Someone?

Thursday two friends and I went to book a trip. We wanted to go to Spain at the end of August. We thought we were just going for a look and when we walked out we booked a trip. We are going to Torremolinos, Spain from the 15th of August till the 22nd. My first time on a plain and our first vacation without our parents. Exciting! Oh and didn't you notice something on the cup? Yes, my name isn't 'Phelia' but it's 'Felia'. Sometimes I do think I would be better of with just saying a random name. Frustrations over here!

Rain, rain, rain. That's how Belgium is right now! But I'm fighting the rain with some pastel colors! I say no to rain and YES to sunshine!

Am I the only one? I don't think so, right? ;) This is so me by the way! 

I was looking for a new lipstick from quite a while now and I heard that the ones from Estée Lauder where good! When I saw this one on sale I took this one with me. I love the color! It's 'Portofino Coral' nr 59.

Monday I went sales shopping with two friends. Also I was getting a piercing! I'm so happy with it! It hurt when they put the needle in it but afterwords I didn't feel anything. Oh and that day I also got a new running outfit from H&M and black all stars! 


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