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Today it's the first of July, so that means it's sales time!!! Today I went to brussels with one of my best friends to see what they had to offer. Saw a lot of nice things, some were still overpriced for me, but it's the first week so. Want to see what I bought and where?


This jacket I found at Zara. My friend has it in yellow and I found it such an amazing vest but a little bit to pricy for me, so when today I saw it in sales now for €20 less then the normal prize I thought well Felia it's your time to take it with you and of course I did. I love it because it can make an outfit so classy in an instant. This vest came down to €39.99.

Also from Zara I saw this high waisted shorts. I'm addicted to anything that's high waisted lately but I didn't found one in denim that I liked. Until today! This beauty was mine for only €19.95. Tomorrow I'm leaving for a festival so I think I'm going to take this with me. 

I'm a bit difficult for dresses. But when I'm looking for a dress I always end up with this kind of shape because it's straight and fit's perfect around your body. I saw it at New look but I was hesitating about it so I didn't took it with me. But after going to another New look and seeing it again I wanted to try it on, to see how it fitted. And a love it, great shape, great colors ( it makes me look so tanned) On the card it said it was €12 but when I wanted to go pay they told me it was only €9, even better! 

Last but not least, a basic grey t shirt from Zara. It's a loose fit so perfect for hot days or when you don't like that your clothes are sticking to your body. This had no price but I thought it couldn't be that expensive, and it was only €6.99

Well I must say it was a good shopping day and friday I'm going to the Primark, let's see what else we can find there! Did you already do some sales shopping? 

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  1. Dat ZARA jasje is echt zo mooi! En dat jurkje met al die bloemen ook! Leuke koopjes.

  2. Goed geslaagd, mooie items voor fijne prijsjes!

  3. Kzag die Jas op de site, so in love, goede keuze :D