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Hi guys! Today I went to Primark with my mom and found a lot of great things (already for fall). As you can see I took this pretty shoes with me. I was looking for these already a long time and on holiday I never really found the right ones. When seeing these today I fell in love and they walk so nicely! Want to see what else I took home with me? :-)

I love flowers! It gives a black outfit instant color and charm. So when seeing this I was sold! It comes a little shorter then a normal shirt, but I don't mind!

What I really needed where some sweaters to go to school or on days where I don't want to wear a jacket. This one seemed perfect! There was also a matching skirt but that was totally not for my style! So I took only the sweater.

Oh and we can't forget coats right? I wanted a fluffy one for such a long time but they were not in my size or I looked 10kilo's bigger in them. But this one is great! And it's soooooo soft. 

Another sweater, another print, another material. Yes flowers again :-) But it looks great, in real life the colors are more brighter then on the picture here. 

I'm addicted to black and white blouses because they match with literally everything! I love the cute fabric on the bottom, it makes it so cute don't you think? 

The last coat I got myself. This one is a more classic one with a faux fur collar that you can take off as well. So classy! 

A new jeans shirt was necessary! Always comes in handy.

I got this blouse in black and blue because it's a good snit for me and I love basic things like this. Great to combine with a lot of different things.

My last clothing items is another sweater but with fluffy soft material. I bought it a little bit oversized because I feel more comfortable in oversized sweaters.

And last but definitely not least this cute green bag, they say green is the new color for fall so! It's a small bag, so I can change from time to time. 

I'm very happy with my new things, I'm getting ready for fall/winter!


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