Hi my sweet readers. I went to Primark this week. I was looking after a long oversized coat and thought that Primark was a great option but bummer nothing in my size. Even though I found some great sweaters and other little things. Curious? 

To begin with the accessories. I needed a new Iphone case because mine broke. I found this pink one and it looks a lot like the one I already had. A little cute bag great for going out and also two headphones. I don't know what I do with them but every headphone I buy gives up after a few months so buying cheep ones is the best solution for me.   

These two pullover are so soft! The grey one is for relaxing in the sofa at night and the other one is with short sleeves. Great for the colder days. 

Maybe I didn't find an oversized long coat, I still scored a pretty coat. And yes it's not black! 

I found these two pretty cardigans. The white one is so fluffy! 


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  1. Die rode jas is echt prachtig! En oeh, die cardigans zien er lekker warm in. Duidelijk tijd om nog eens naar Primark te gaan :)

  2. Gave jas en die cardigans zijn ook heel leuk!