Hello hello, it's getting colder and rain is also playing his part in this fall weather. So a good coat can feel like heaving in the morning when it's so cold outside but I'm not giving in and still wearing a dress. Want to see more of this outfit and know more about my struggles and awkward moments while shooting this outfit? Keep on reading you guys. 

This outfit is an outfit is shot myself. With courage and my tripod I went to take some pictures. Having a blog is great no doubt about that but always finding someone is a struggle. So when it stopped raining  I took my camera and went outside to take some outfit pictures. It's not that easy because you don't know how you are in the frame. Also people passing by isn't that great. They even asked what I was doing. " Well, I'm taking pictures of my outfit to post online." They never heard about it I think. It's a new experience and together with someone is still better, but for once it wasn't that bad. How do you find the pictures? Are they okay or not? 

Coat Yesboutique - Dress Primark - Shoes Nike - Handbag Yesboutique - Watch Oozoo

What do you think of this outfit?


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