Shoes, shoes, shoes. If I have to admit this is one of my many addictions. But I guess it's because of the fact that you can tell a lot about someone, by just looking at their shoes. Because the weather is getting colder and it's starting to rain more the slides and other summery shoes have to be put away. That's why I'd like to share today my favorite shoes for colder weather. I can't promise that there will be no more adding to this collections but it stands still for now. 

When looking at this picture you see that most of my shoes are black. I guess that's because black shoes go with everything and black is always a perfect, classic color you have to have. But yes, there is a brown one to. Want to know where I got these from and why I got them? 

   Chelsea black and leopard printed boots via Brussels market 
 I was looking for some chelsea boots for a while now but I couldn't seem to find the right one. Also I always think my feet looked long in these kind of shoes. But when I was walking around with my mom at a market in Brussels I saw these. As you can tell from the picture ( I think so ) you see they are so soft! It's not that 'pony hair' type of boots but it has that softness. Because my most shoes are black I thought this leopard print would be nice in contrast with my black/with outfits I always wear. 

   Black shiny leather ankle boots via
I own these ankle boots for over a year now. I saw them at the H&M in Brussels. They weren't very cheep compared to the other shoes at H&M. But these boots are made of real leather that's why. The leather is very soft so you feet fits perfectly in the shoe. These are great for rainy weather of when you want to feel feminine with all that bad weather. The heel isn't that high so for me it's a great shoe to walk around with, especially at school. 

   Classy black peep toe pumps via
Actually I wanted to go for the same pumps but not with a peep toe because when it get's colder you can't really wear them. At least I thought you couldn't wear them. But when I saw a great idea to wear them in fall I was sold and took these babies home with me. Even though I'm not used to walk on heels they still fit perfectly and my feet don't hurt after only one hour or so. I think I will get the Cotton-blend glitter socks from &Other Stories to match it perfectly with my pumps. You'll understand my idea soon. 

   Brown leather boots via
After all my black shoes I'm finishing this post with my brown boots. To be honest I don't wear these often because of the fact that they are brown. That's why they are still in such great condition. But I wanted these to change from my daily black shoes once in a while. There is nothing wrong with brown boots but for me they are harder to combine because everything I wear is almost only black/white. But I'm going to give it a try and do my best to take these out more often.  


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  1. The black ankle booties from H&M are so cute!