Christmas, the most beautiful time of the year and what better way to hang around the fire place with a hot cocoa together with your friends and family. Well you have to be sure you are in vibe of this. And a christmas jumper is a part of it! Especially when you go for special ones, I found a few for you guys! Curious? And do you want to know which one I prefer? Maybe this year will be the year of my first every christmas jumper! 

I really love the black one with 'Santa's favourite blonde' Maybe I'll get myself this one. It's original and not like the rest and I like that. 
Which one do you prefer? :)

1. Boohoo // 2. H&M // 3. H&M // 4. Gant - Zalando // 5. Boohoo // 6. New look // 7. Jumpersforchristmas // 8. H&M // 9. Boohoo // 10. Boohoo

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