A while ago I shared 15 things you didn't know about me and now I'm here with a different version. Because it's winter time and christmas is coming everybody is happy, decorations are going up and everybody is going to have a great time with family and friends. It's like those holidays are meant for happy days. That why I'm sharing my 20 things that make me happy whenever and wherever. Curious? 

1. Hot cocoa on a cold winter day
2. Going to the movies and nobody comes to sit in front of me
3. When I suddenly remember the thing that was on the tip of my tongue like a    
    week ago but that I couldn't remember.
4. When you laugh so hard it feels like a workout
5. The feeling of relief when I find something that I lost
6. Seeing my friends happy
7. Finding out I'm having my favorite meal for dinner 
8. Waking up in the morning and realizing you still have some time left to sleep
9. When someone genuinely asks about my day
10. The moment I realize my hiccups are gone
11. Being able to act like a fool because 'nobody knows me here'
12. When the last item in the store is my size
13. Making everyone stop so I can take a picture of something
14. The smell of fresh baked muffins or anything like that
15. When my mom says she loves me to the moon and back
16. When people say they are proud of me 
17. Finding money in my pocket that I forgot about
18. Lighting a lot of candles, so cosy
19. Coming home from a shopping day with fresh new clothes 
20. Popping bubble wrap 

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