Hello everyone! Christmas is over and the presents have been unpacked. This is by far my favorite holiday because of the atmosphere, family all together, the presents (of course) and the list goes on and on. I had a great time these last two days and I can't wait till New year arrives for more festivity! I made a few pictures of what I got and what I made as little treat, curious? I hope you all had an amazing time!

Maybe you have seen this on my Instagram and if not here is my creation I made for christmas. Chocolate muffins with a caramel topping decorated as reindeers. Doesn't it look cute? It took me a while to make them, actually the decorating took me the longest. But I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and they are delicious!

Now present time! I already got my present from my parents (the long coat) so my brother gave me this amazing and so funny sweater! I think it's hilarious and even though it's a season sweater I can still wear it at home when it's not christmas time! My grandmother gave me this little DIY book, how happy am I with that? Soooooo happy! I don't know if you noticed but I'm doing more diy's now. There are some great ideas in it that I will show you soon and also some other diy's that will come on the blog! 

Curls and red lips for Christmas, something different for once!
And like tradition every year we went to Brussels for a little walk with the family.


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