Christmas is coming closer and to make our home even more decorative I made 3 diy snowflakes that are not even hard to do. Curious? 

N°1 Paper snowflake 

Cut a paper in 12 stripes of 1cm thick. Then you glue two strips together like a cross. You can use paperclips or hairpins like I do to keep it in place while it dries.  

Then you add two more strips. Over and under. Do the same in the other direction.  

It should look like this.  

Now you are going to take to strips of two sections and glue them together. See pictures below. ↓  

Repeat on the other sides. Repeat all these steps so you get two identical. 

Turn one upside down and turn 45°. Now every strip has a loop. Don't cut the strips that are to long, we will cut them later. Now Thread the long strips into the loops (see below). Glue them together. 

Once it dried you can cut the corners off. You now have an easy paper snowflake. 


Follow instructions underneath. 


Follow instructions underneath.  ( picture 8: With every two strip to glue together you have to change sides, so not everything right or everything left) Make 5 of these loops and glue them together, so you will get a giant snowflake like the picture above. 

I hope you liked these easy and quick diy snowflakes.

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  1. Heel tof! Dit maakte ik vroeger op school ook altijd dacht ik.

  2. wow! Dat ziet er keigoed uit! Dat ga ik ook eens maken, dat moet er awesome uitzien in mijn kamer!

  3. Ik heb me afgelopen kerst afgevraagd hoe mensen dit maakten! Haha toevallig kwam ik het via een ander bericht van je tegen. Heel leuk!