Everywhere you go you see the marble trend taking in. I have to admit I love marble. It's classic and gives such a nice touch in your space. My desk was a little problem for a while. I had all this colorful stripes I did a few years ago and now, when getting older it was time for something new, something grown up. I made this marble desk top and it's so easy and looks so chic. Ready to see how I did this and how easy you can also do this? Keep on reading you guys! 

What you will need:
- Marble printed sticker/foil ( you can find this at any craftstore or online, mine comes from Brico)
- Scissors

 Let get started! 

So this was my desk with all these stripes, fun for a younger person but not for me anymore! First I took these stripes of my desk. If don't have anything sticky on your surface you won't have to take it of. But before starting with the foil make sure the surface is dust free and dry. Otherwise the foil will not stick to the surface and we don't want that of course. 

So when your surface is prepped you can start measuring how many foil you will need. Cut the foil the length you need with the scissors. I did this on my own so I had to find a way to stick the foil right on my own. How you can see on the picture about is the way I used it. So I could peal the paper behind the foil away and i could press the foil on to the surface all at once. This was really handy and easy! Repeat this step until the whole surface is done. Also you can use a cardboard or anything like that to press the air bubbles out. 

And this is the result. Don't you just love it? It gives a whole new look and it reflects the light amazingly well. 

So are you going to try this? Oh and more diy's will come on this blog so stay tuned :) 

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  1. Super leuk! Dat zou ik ook wel willen hihi :D


  2. Echt heel erg mooi!! Ga ik zeker ook proberen.

  3. Oh wow ik wil dit! Heel tof effect.

  4. al jou DIY's zijn echt super! Keep up the good work! ik moet bij de Brico ook eens langsgaan denk ik :D