Hello december. Time flies and so comes the cold as well. That's why I have for you 5 ways to keep yourself warm this winter. Maybe you can guess one topic because of the picture above. But what about the 4 other ways? Well, you'll have to keep reading I guess! Have a great week and make december magical.

# Scarf it up
The perfect way to keep you warm. The bigger, the better.

#Teddy coat's
It looks warm and it feels warm and it IS warm.

# Jacket on jacket 
When your leather moto, chic little blazer and/or denim jacket completes your "indoor outfit" but doesn't quite cut it for the bitter cold don't fret (or freeze) - layer.

# Long gloves
Long gloves are not only functional in winter, but they’re quite the stylish accent. Perfect to wear with those pesky cropped or three-quarter length sleeved jackets and capes.

# Sweater layering 
Give me a warm sweater and I'm ready for the cold.

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