I'm in the middle of my exams right now and I know, I should be studying but I really needed a break, so what better break than to do some blogging, right? I'm a big fan of oversized coats, black coats normally. I thought I would find myself an oversized black winter coat but I don't know why and how but every time I enter a store (even when it's been a while) instead of going straight to black I... 

go to grey. I don't know why but lately I'm loving grey tones. Maybe it's a great color between white and black and grey is always so classy. I'm mostly dressed in black or white and a grey coat would be a perfect fit with that, so my outfit won't get boring? But still on the hunt though. I'm still looking for that perfect coat. Do you have any ideas of where I can find one? 

(pics via: modernlegacy, yuyufashionbook, mesmerize87, thebubblyspeckle, pinterest) 

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