Now that I'm blogging for over a year now I collected a few typical 'problems' bloggers will go through. I found it funny making this post and I'm curious if you can find yourself in my typical blogger problems! Let me know and have a good laugh. 

  • Wanting to just have a lazy pyjama day, but unfortunately pj's won't cut it as an OOTD
  • You had an outfit on your mind and you are so ready to go, location figured out and everything but then you see it's raining outside. Well there goes the plan.
  •  When going out for dinner you force everyone to wait eating because you first have to take a picture while all the food still looks amazing. Even though the food gets cold. #instagram 
  • I'm looking great today but there is nobody around to take pictures for my blog. 
  • Wanting to take pictures indoor in wintertime for a new blogpost but only have a few hours to take light and high quality pictures.
  • Go shopping with friends and get called over to the changing room every five seconds to give your expert opinion about how they look. Because "you have to know what is great because you have a blog"
  • Understanding all the blogging lingo #ootd #fotd #notd #lotd…. Well it probably has something to do with "of the day" right? 
  • Whenever you are shooting an outfit where a lot of people walk by. You will be the center of attention. Nobody understands why you are making all these different moves in the middle of the way. 
Hope you liked this post and maybe you found yourself in some 'problems'. 

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  1. Sooo true! I always struggle with finding people to take pictures! Although I just started blogging, I've kinda had this problem for a long time haha.

  2. Oh zo herkenbaar! Het licht probleem heb ik gelukkig niet meer sinds ik de softbox set heb gekocht :)