If you follow me on Instagram you will probably already saw that I was working on a new #diy for the blog. I must say this is the most fun thing I made so far. I really love how the sweater came together with all the different motifs of the rhinestones. Do you want to see how I made this and how easy you can make your own one with your personal touch? Keep reading you guys. 

What do you need:

  • Sweater you like (I bought mine at Zara, on sale)
  • Different colors of rhinestones, different shapes also. Anything you like!
  • Needle and thread (in the color of your sweater so it doesn't show) 
  • And some inspiration of motifes, I'll show you mine in a closer look.

Begin by arranging your rhinestones and find cute motifs. If you don't have any inspiration you can also look on the internet. I mostly used these two. Also count how much you can make with the rhinestones you got. 

Now that you have your different motifs you can start laying them on the sweater. Make sure that there are no empty spaces. I had a few and added a motif of 3 little silver rhinestones. Take a picture! This sounds stupid but when you start with attaching the rhinestones you will notices that the other loose ones will move, so the picture will help you remember the place and the motifs. Take your needle and thread and start the diy. Make sure they are attached strongly. You can also glue them but I don't really like that technique because I know I can be a little bit clumsy with glue haha.

Are you a fan of this do it yourself sweater and are you going to try to make your own? I would love to know! 

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